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I’m not much one for all the hearts ❤️ and roses you see everywhere in February. In fact, this month I was going to do a celestial dragon 🐉 as my bullet journal theme. I drew out the page ready to decorate and then I wasn’t feeling it.

So I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and man, did I find some beauties! I’ve shared below some of my favourite finds from Pinterest. You can click on the links and follow back the creators.

Then scroll all the way down to see my dragon fail and my Feb layout (so far) 😊😊

I love the dutch door and I love the strawberries. We’ve had some really warm days this month, so this page just popped for me.
There’s just something so peaceful about this theme from papierZart
I just can’t get enough of this bookish spread, from Fannysbujo on Insta
Gorgeous Amsterdam spread by @daintydotsanddoodles

My February theme journey

As promised here’s where I started and where I am now 😆. I do love the dragon/moon 🐉 🌙 and I will finish it at some point. But when I drew it out (in early January) it was dark and cold and frankly pretty depressing. I was channeling a whole different vibe 🌃. The last two weeks have been gorgeous and sunny 🌞 though, the endless rain and cold seem to have passed us by (hopefully) and so when I sat down to plan out February, I wasn’t feeling it. It’s still C-O-L-D though. So I started with a giant yellow mug of warm and cosy. Then I draw a girl and her books (because that will forever be me) and finally the ‘end of winter’ berries and the ‘start of spring’ crocuses. I think I’ll print out the letters for February using my stamps. Definitely check my Insta for the finished page.



See ya next time ❤️